Breastfeeding Friendly Premises

Why should premises support breastfeeding?

Staff that welcome and respect breastfeeding mothers usually serve their customers in a helpful and friendly attitude. According to a research conducted by the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme in the UK, premises that provide a breastfeeding friendly environment have a higher visitor return rate. Besides, it is still a challenge for mothers to find a breastfeeding friendly premise. If you are willing to provide them with such a convenience, they are more than willing to spread the word. In return, the business will get free positive publicity.

What to do to support Breastfeeding mothers?

1. Provide breastfeeding space

  • Offer a seat in an appropriate space. Breastfeeding mothers also welcome an area with enhanced privacy, e.g. fitting room, set up a nursing room or come up with other innovative solutions to help mothers to breastfeed their babies.

2. Demonstrate positive and welcoming attitude

  • Respect the freedom of mothers to breastfeed anytime, anywhere without disturbance.

  • Assign frontline staff to offer help to breastfeeding mothers when appropriate.

3. Display breastfeeding promotion materials

  • To provide information relevant to breastfeeding mothers, decals, tent cards or other promotional materials are placed in premises.

To acknowledge premises that support breastfeeding, we have implemented a two-level labelling scheme – Gold Label and Blue Label. Customers can easily identify the different levels of commitment undertaken by these premises.

Gold Label

Blue Label

Set up nursing rooms

Arrange a temporary breastfeeding space

Respect mothers’ right to breastfeed

Attend staff training provided by UNICEF HK

Assign staff members to provide assistance

An additional label will be given to premises that offer a 5-day breastmilk storage service with a separate refrigerator set at 2-4°C.

Guide to Establishing Breastfeeding Friendly Premises


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(Published by Family Health Service, Department of Health)

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