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Everyone can contribute to create a breastfeeding friendly society!

Everyone can take a step to support mothers and make breastfeeding easier. Below are some actions we encourage you to take.

1. Join the ‘Say Yes for Breastfeeding’ Campaign

Filling out the online form here to ‘Say Yes’ and voice out your support. Inspire the world and encourage more people to support by sharing why you support breastfeeding. You can also submit blogs by sending email to [email protected] to share more about your support to breastfeeding mothers.

2. Share with us.

Know some workplace, public premises that are very supportive to breastfeeding mothers? Or know some who would be interested in providing friendly measures? Contact us.

3. Spread the word.

We have prepared information about the benefits and facts on breastfeeding. You are welcome to share this and the campaign on your social media.

4. Stay informed.

Sign up for UNICEF HK monthly eNews to learn more about our work on breastfeeding, as well as other efforts for the well-being of children in Hong Kong and around the world. We would also like to stay in touch with UNICEF HK on Facebook, Tencent weibo, Youtube, Instagram, Line, Flickr and WeChat.

5. Volunteer

Support the clause by join our community outreach team, or volunteer to support our translation and office administration work. You may also join us as a Baby Friendly Hotline Counsellor to answer public enquiries if you have completed a counseling course on breastfeeding for 40 hours or above by emailing [email protected].

6. Donate

Donate online to support UNICEF’s local and global work on breastfeeding and children’s well-being.