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Breastfeeding Friendly Premises

Breastfeeding Friendly Premise is a place where breastfeeding mothers and families feel welcome and are supported. In such premises, they are free to breastfeed their babies or express milk anytime they desire without being disrespected.

Why should you support breastfeeding?

Raise Customers and Visitors Return Rate

Staffs that welcome and respect mothers when they breastfeed usually serve their customers in a helpful and friendly attitude. Nowadays, it is really difficult for mothers to find a breastfeeding friendly public premises. If you are willing to provide them with such convenience, they are more than willing to spread the words. Good news travels fast. The business will be freely publicized through their word-of-mouth recommendation. According to a research conducted by the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme in the UK, the premises that provide a breastfeeding friendly environment, have a higher customers/ visitors return rate.

How can I support?

You can begin with 3 easy steps!

(* Below supportive measures are strongly encouraged but not pre-requisite to join the campaign)


  • Respect the freedom of breastfeeding mothers in choosing where to breastfeed.

  • Do not disturb a breastfeeding mother.

  • Do not ask breastfeeding mother to toilets.


  • An appropriate location for breastfeeding mother.

  • Display a welcoming signage such as “Breastfeeding Friendly Premises”.

Below are some examples of the space you can provide:

  • A seat away from the main traffic

  • A secluded corner


a friendly environment so mothers can feel welcome and be supported to express milk

Below are some examples of support you can provide:

  • Encourage all staffs to support by not discriminating breastfeeding mothers.

  • Explain to other clients about the feeding needs of mothers and babies.

You may consider:

  • Learn more about local maternity laws and benefits of maternity provisions. Explore what the supportive measures provided at public premises or sector-wide.

  • Learn more about women’s health during pregnancy and lactation in order to be better able to meet breastfeeding and child care needs.

  • Train all staffs in terms of positive attitudes towards pregnancy, motherhood and breastfeeding in public

Guide to Establishing Breastfeeding Friendly Premises


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(Published by Family Health Service, Department of Health)