Professional Peiyue (breastfeeding) Certificate Course has been successfully held

Professional Peiyue (breastfeeding) Certificate Course has been successfully held
18 Apr 2019

Breastfeeding provides babies with irreplaceable nutrition. However, mothers who give birth to their first child, in particular, may find it hard to breastfeed. In such case, a professional Peiyue is crucial for successful breastfeeding.

In order to pass on professional and correct breastfeeding knowledge and techniques, Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) held a Professional Peiyue (breastfeeding) Certificate Course from February to March. Through sharing from experienced tutors, participants are now more capable to assist the mothers in breastfeeding.

The participants were eager to learn more and never wasted any chance to ask questions


“The internet is flooded with false information about breastfeeding, professional knowledge is essential to break the myths,” said May, one of the participants who is a Peiyue. She realised that in recent years, an increasing number of mothers understand the benefits of breastfeeding, but don’t know how to breastfeed. “Peiyue can play a key role in successful breastfeeding; therefore they should have a thorough understanding.” She appreciated the sharing of experience in course and she always wanted to hear more.

“This course is attractive for those who are new to breastfeeding assistance,” said Ms. Cheung, who applied the course on friend’s invitation. Having been a practitioner of Tui-Na and breastfeeding assistance for years, the course wasn’t anything new to Ms. Cheung at the beginning, “until one tutor appeared, the knowledge, experience, idea that she shared were totally different to others. At that time, I think the course is worth applying.” In addition to enhancement of knowledge and skills, Ms. Cheung said the course has changed her perception towards the industry.

Iris shared her valuable experience in assisting mothers to breastfeed


Iris is one of the tutors. She appreciated the attitudes of participants. ‘When they have questions, they bring up immediately, even in breaks.’ She wished all of participants can successfully assist mother in breastfeeding with the knowledge and skills they learnt in course.

The new season of Peiyue course will be kicked-off in June. Please visit the website of Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) for details:

Photos attached are provided by BFHI