Brand New Nursing Room at Pricerite Flagship Store at MegaBox Welcome Moms Breastfeed Anywhere Anytime

Brand New Nursing Room at Pricerite Flagship Store at MegaBox    Welcome Moms Breastfeed Anywhere Anytime
14 Nov 2018

Breastfeeding is not easy. From tender, swollen breasts to mastitis, all these give mothers a hard time; it could be an uncomfortable moment for many nursing moms too, especially to new mothers when breastfeeding their babies in public. UNICEF HK understands the needs of breastfeeding mothers and strives to promote “Breastfeeding Friendly Premises”; we encourage public places to develop breastfeeding friendly facilities so that breastfeeding mothers can easily access to the nursing room nearby. In July, Pricerite joined “Say Yes to Breastfeeding” campaign to support breastfeeding mothers by setting up a brand new nursing room at Kowloon Bay flagship store and welcome nursing moms breastfeed anywhere anytime.

“Pricerite is a care company and always wants to help local moms to sustain breastfeeding by providing nursing facilities and practical support.” Mr. James Leung, CEO of Pricerite Home Limited said. “The brand new nursing room specially designed with the theme of ‘home’, uses the warm tone to give users a relaxing and comfortable environment to breastfeed their babies. In addition, supporting quotes on the wall to let breastfeeding moms to feel the care and support from Pricerite and the society.” He added.

The nursing room is well-equipped: from antibacterial hand sanitizer, tissue papers to armed sofa with a door lock. There is an air purifier and spared enough space for baby stroller. It covers all the needs of breastfeeding mothers with every small detail.

Ever since the nursing room opened, there is line up during holidays and peak hours. Staff training and professional advises are given by UNICEF HK before the launch. Front line staffs are educated about the benefits of breastfeeding, and have positive attitude towards the issue with breastfeeding friendly customer service.

“Most of the public lack of awareness on breastfeeding issue and support of breastfeeding moms need. There are still many people believe that breastfeeding should not be publicized.” said by Sharon, a first –time breastfeeding mom with a 3 months old new born. She reveals the difficulties of breastfeeding, especially in the public area. “I need to worry about what other people think when I am breastfeeding my son. The hygiene of the breastfeeding area is another thing I need to consider.” She recalled her bad experience in a terrible nursing room inside a shopping mall. She said, “There were at least three cockroaches inside the nursing room, it was terrible!” And she quickly left the room after breastfed her son.

Sharon made a special visit to Pricerite in-store nursing room and shared her experience. She likes the room design and the environment that she can breastfeed her son in a comfortable and quiet space. Sharon said, “The breastfeeding facilities in Hong Kong are not sufficient to support breastfeeding moms. There is usually one nursing room in one shopping mall and the lineup is usually so long during holidays.” Therefore, she truly appreciates retail chains Pricerite can provide breastfeeding friendly facility and service. She hopes this move can encourage different business sectors to develop certain facilities to support breastfeeding mother and help them sustain breastfeeding.

     Metro Daily, 9 November, 2018